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why join us?

Sitzler - Careers
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Sitzler - Careers
Sitzler - Careers - Construction Manager

Sitzler - Careers - Construction Worker
Australia's construction industry has many opportunities for personnel so why join Sitzler?

Well for a start, working at Sitzler is about working in a down to earth structured environment, one with enough direction so you know what's expected of you, with the systems and technology to enable you to be efficient and effective and, most importantly, an environment where you are given the latitude to reach your potential across a diverse range of projects and tasks.

It has long been the case that the experience you gain in five years here is the equivalent of ten years career advancement elsewhere.

So if you want a challenge and real job satisfaction and want to work with motivated like minded people then enquire about a career with Sitzler in Darwin or Adelaide

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